Kòngxì – InterSpace – Zwischenraum Limited is a specialist consultancy in garment manufacture. Our people have over 20 years  hands-on experience in the merchandising, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing Supervision in both Europe and Asia. Kongxi – InterSace – Zwischenraum Limited has been at the forefront in the education, development and support of manufacturers, to assist them to understand and implement Industry regulations, which are increasingly becoming fundamental buyer requirements.

Our manufacturing associates have intimate knowledge of implementing throughout their Supply Chain GOTS and Öko-Tex 100 requirements. They fully embrace and recognise the value of CSR, BSCI and DISHA as socially responsible guidelines for ethical and sustainable manufacturing operations. They also recognise the growing need to be compliant with relevant garment testing and Quality Assurance procedures such as is required under REACH for textile chemical usage and exposure risk.

Our ongoing involvement and specialization in these areas means we are able to offer knowledgeable, timely and relevant advice, based on current industry practice, to assit you in fulfilling your sourcing and production needs, be it:


  • Clothing: Apparel and Accessories.
  • Promotional: Branded Products and Merchandise.
  • Custom: Sourcing Solutions for Innovative Needs.


  • Product and Quality Improvement.
  • Evaluation: including Social, Ethical, & Regulatory.
  • Technical Expertise in Pattern Development & Modification.

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